At BMA, we encourage all of our students to audition for our musicals. We believe that performing is the perfect opportunity for our students to use the skill sets they've learned in the classroom and put them into practice on stage.


“The necessity of programs like BMA in local communities cannot be overlooked or ignored. BMA provides a nurturing environment for young students to grow not just as artista, but as individuals, in a way that positively challenges and enforces their sense of self. As a guest teacher at BMA, I have noticed the confidence and worth ethic of each student: a grounded assuredness that is so easily lost for many young individuals in the debilitating chaos that often goes hand in hand with growing up. BMA gives young students the foundations and tools necessary to cultivate their skills while also providing a catalyst for self-discovery in a safe space.”

-Erika Henningsen (Cady Heron - Mean Girls)

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